Accelerate your Automation, Data & AI Journey – Automate document classification & content extraction to eliminate manual document processing

The IBM Automation Document Processing solution combines AI with deep learning and low-code tooling to help you eliminate manual document processing. Classify and extract information from your business documents more quickly, easily and accurately. Learn how easily train deep learning models for classifying documents and extracting information like Key-Value-Pairs (KVP), […]

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Accelerate your Automation, Data & AI Journey – Automate Customer Care with Cognitive Assistants based on Watson AI

Artificial Intelligence (AI) in communication with end users is now an integral part of digitized companies. Simple chatbots are often used to answer general questions. Cognitive Assistants that are based on Watson AI, however, should be deeply integrated into business processes to deliver real added value and automate your Customer […]

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Accelerate your Automation, Data & AI Journey – Automate digital decisions, AI & business rules with the digital decision platform

Operational decisions are omnipresent – be it in the assessment of risks, product recommendations, price calculation, the individual generation of work processes or the control of business processes. Companies must be able to make even complex decisions immediately, transparently and consistently across all channels. In order to meet these requirements, […]

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Accelerate your Automation, Data & AI Journey – Automate more business and IT processes with IBM Robotic Process Automation (IBM RPA)

What is Robotic Process Automation? After an introduction, we will dive deep into a live demo to show how robots can be built interactively. You will learn how RPA can solve use-cases involving automating: emails, files, and web applications. You will also see a chatbot use-case in action.  You can […]

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