Watson Assistant Search Skill

In this hands-on tutorial you will create a new IBM Watson Assistant and Search Skill / Discovery Service on the IBM Cloud and deploy your solution. Access the tutorial here.

How the Search Skill and Discovery work: You can add a search skill to your assistant to prevent the assistant from having to say things like, I'm sorry. I can't help you with that. Instead, the assistant can query existing company documents or data – like a webpage – to see whether any useful information can be found and shared with the customer. Therefore, the search skill searches for information from a data collection that you create by using the Discovery service. Discovery is a service that crawls, converts, and normalizes your unstructured data. The product applies data analysis and cognitive intuition to enrich your data such that you can more easily find and retrieve meaningful information from it later. Typically, the type of data collection you add to Discovery and access from your assistant contains information that is owned by your company. This proprietary information can include FAQs, sales collateral, technical manuals, or papers written by subject matter experts.

The following diagram illustrates how user input is processed when both a dialog skill and a search skill are added to an assistant.

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